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How does it work?

Turbo Boost Project works for you once you have chosen a particular BOOST that suits your needs.

You are a Korean business and you have excellent “world class” products and/or services which you know would be successful in the global marketplace.

But….you cannot speak English well, all of your material is in Korean and you have no networks or knowledge on how to really go global. Basically, you are stuck in your local market.

At World Markets Group we can take care of all of these problems for you. We can consult, market and represent your products or services in the global marketplace of your choice. We can physically be there for you or with you every step of the way. World Markets Korea is more than a listing agency, we are a hands on “go to market” consultancy that works for you to the point where you are successful.

Whether you choose a Quick Boost, Fast Boost or Turbo Boost we will get you online on a World Markets Platform and share you to the world.

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