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How to SEO your website in Korea

Here is a great article written by Dan Taylor explaining how to SEO your website for the Korean search engines Naver (most popular) and Daum. SEO FOR SOUTH KOREA: A GUIDE TO OPTIMISING FOR NAVER & DAUM


Online marketing through Naver the Google of Korea

The Naver factor. Korean consumers don’t “Google It” they “Naver It” Naver is the most popular search engine used in Korea with over 80% share in the market. Koreans share everything online and it is crucial for businesses selling products or services to be visible on Naver.


How the 2018 Winter Olympics can help your business

Sporting events like the Olympics or the World Cup often get global attention for the host country not just from a sports point of view but also business. I have no doubt that this will also be true of the upcoming Winter Olympics in 2018 which will be held in 2018 in Korea. A study […]


Why Korea should be the next territory for your business expansion

With the upcoming Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018 in Korea the opportunity for business is now. If you don’t know already Korea is the fourth largest economy in Asia and the 11th in the world with a population of 5.4 million. If you are a business who wants to move into the Asian market the time […]


2018 Winter Olympics create business opportunities in Korea

In 2018 South Korea will host the Winter Olympic Games, the opening ceremony will be on 09th February and the games will close on 25th February. This creates business opportunity. As with many sporting events of this nature like the Summer Olympics or the World Cup the host experiences a magnified interest in their country. […]


Order fulfillment and Customer Service for E-commerce companies in Korea

Recently South Korea has become a very attractive market for non-Korean companies who wish to enter the Asian market. Koreans are becoming known for their spending behavior, which is unusually high for their small population (just under 51,000,000). They commonly spend a high percentage of their salaries online.


Introducing Naver Shopping – Naver Window Series

What is Naver Window? Launched in December 2014, Naver Window is an online open market platform only for the off-line (brick and mortar) stores. It’s like an ‘online show room’ but you can also make payments. It attracts customers with detailed explanations on their products, any feedback and is then favored by Naver’s services.


New Zealand Government Minister visits South Korea to Commemorate Anzac Day and Accumulate Local Knowledge on Kiwi SMEs based on the Peninsula

Pictured: New Zealand Ambassador to Korea Claire Fearnley (Front row 2nd from left) with New Zealand Government Minister Craig Foss (Front row 3rd from left) along with the Kiwi Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Advisors.


How and when to post your social media

How and when to post your social media can be confusing and time consuming. At World Markets we understand the importance of getting this right. (original article posted here) To give more understanding on this we decided to look at four of the more popular social media platforms and put together an infographic for you […]