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Online marketing through Naver the Google of Korea

The Naver factor. Korean consumers don’t “Google It” they “Naver It”

Naver is the most popular search engine used in Korea with over 80% share in the market. Koreans share everything online and it is crucial for businesses selling products or services to be visible on Naver.

In Korea consumers believe their fellow people and their opinions which are shared via Naver blogs. This means that when researching a company or product your business will be searched for online to check your validity and credibility. If you don’t have presence on Naver then quite simply you will not be found.

Entering any new market can be challenging and expensive, especially if done incorrectly. Getting advice from in country is always advisable.

World Markets Korea provides relevant keyword advertising and research and Naver site registration services which are critical foundations to build success.

In brief here are the services that World Markets Korea can provide.

Naver Keyword Research

Conducting keyword research for use in Power Link campaigns and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Naver CPC – Power Link Keyword Campaigns

Power Link campaigns, paid monthly, capped to allow for budgeting with regular reporting.

Naver Blog Build

Creating a blog skin that matches your company’s branding.

Naver Blog Publishing

Publishing content to your blog (in Korean) on your behalf. or working together with your content team.

Naver Blog Content Creation

Creating unique content for your blog both industry specific and audience drawing. Or working together with you or your content team.

World Markets Korea is based in Seoul and is operated by a New Zealander and a British national who have over 20 years of experience in Korea. Offering consulting, online marketing and event management they help companies successfully enter the market.

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